Having lived in London during Brexit referendum in 2016 and in Greece during the financial crisis in 2008, I have experienced firsthand how fragile the EU is to both internal and external threats, and the devastating impact such events have on EU citizens. This has fueled my ambition to strengthen and protect the EU and has induced me to run for the European Parliamentary elections. 

I have always been politically engaged, and a few years ago, I founded Project Vote and have worked alongside a team of volunteers driven by passion to inform and promote voting amongst EU citizens and international residents in Denmark. Having lived half my life overseas and been born abroad to a Filipino mother and Danish father, I identify passionately with other internationals who wish to be politically active, but may be unsure of what their rights are in Denmark. Project Vote aims to engage internationals in the Danish political arena by informing of political rights and encouraging participation in eligible elections including local and European elections (please see more on the appropriate tab). 

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